Services for children with communication difficulties: “Preparing your child for a lifetime of communication”  

Children can experience a range of difficulties while learning to communicate. Whether a child struggles with understanding and using language, creating speech sounds, engaging in play or using social communication, the result can be frustrating for the child and family.

Our pediatric speech-language pathologists treat:  

  • Speech sound disorders 
  • Language comprehension and expression 
  • Voice and resonance 
  • Social and engagement play skills 
  • Dysfluency/stuttering 
  • Augmentative Communication, including some speech generating devices
  • Early literacy
Our Speech-Language Pathologists thoroughly assess each child and create treatment plans when needed. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs of both the child and the family, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team as appropriate. Treatment plans are based on principles of child development, neurodevelopment and on evidence-based practice.  

Children's Developmental Health Services not only offers children with communication challenges a wide range of speech, language, reading and hearing services, and also provides parent education and family support counseling.  

Our specially trained clinicians work with families and children to determine the best course of treatment, adapting the treatment as the child’s and family’s needs change. The program supports toddlers through teens.  

To learn more about our Speech Language Pathology Staff, please go to Staff.